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Awesome 30th birthday party ideas for a big celebration

Kate W 22 July 2019

Everyone agrees, life gets better in your thirties and you are nearly there. You finally have the confidence to do everything you never could in your twenties (not to mention the money to do it) and it’s time to have a wonderful party to celebrate with all your closest friends and family - now all you need are some amazing 30th birthday party ideas for this milestone celebration.

If you’re wondering what to do for your 30th birthday or are planning a surprise 30th birthday party, we’ve got you covered as there are endless ways you can ensure you and your guests have an unforgettable time. In this list, you’ll discover 30th birthday celebration ideas that range from fun party themes for her and themes for him, to fancy dress tips and a choice of unique cakes everyone will love.


Birthday party ideas for her

  1. Tropical – think hula skirts, Hawaiian punch and perhaps a venue by the beach.
  2. Favourite film – use their favourite film as inspiration for décor and fancy dress!
  3. A spa day – soak or steam at one of our large houses with spa facilities.
  4. Monochrome – black and white is always sleek and stylish.
  5. Wine not? – have a tasting or just open a couple of bottles of red.
  6. Brunch – a civilised way to celebrate.
  7. A casino night – for an easy take, make it a poker night.
  8. Mixology party – a cocktail making party! Make them yourself or hire a mixologist for the evening.
  9. Margarita and margarita party – pizza and cocktails, what’s not to love?
  10. Royal for a day – spoil the guest of honour with a party in a castle.
  11. A karaoke night – sing your heart out.
  12. A massive picnic – get everyone to bring snacks and you can soak up the sun with a big group get-together.
  13. 80s/90s – celebrate with music from the year you were born.
  14. Host the Olympics – great for competitive friendship groups.
  15. Swan float party – a pool party with additional swan floats.


Birthday party ideas for him

  1. Beer tasting – for true beer connoisseurs.
  2. Sports fanatic – get outside for footie or watch a game in the cinema room. 
  3. Winter sports – stay in a ski chalet.
  4. Whiskey and cigars – a chance to sit and chat with the group.
  5. Prime cut – a BBQ party is always easy and crowd-pleasing.
  6. Have a party out at sea - check out our unique sea fort.
  7. 007 – prepare the vodka martinis, shaken not stirred.
  8. Surfer dude – board shorts and flip flops, done.
  9. Party like Gatsby – a chance for a dapper get-together.
  10. Daredevil – get out and about on an adventure holiday with the guys.
  11. Scuba party – take everyone scuba diving!
  12. Retro games party – gamers will love a competition with classic throwbacks.
  13. Bringing home the bacon – a chance for a lot of bacon-flavoured food to be eaten; ever tried bacon popcorn or bacon and beer cupcakes?
  14. Grumpy old men – do nothing but sit and complain with your mates.
  15. Moustache themed – may need a month or two’s prep while the ‘tache gets in shape.


Fancy dress ideas

  1. Wild West party – everyone can dust off their cowboy hats and don those spurs.
  2. We’re in Wonderland – Alice provides great costume inspo.
  3. Circus party – a great chance to go all-out on the decoration!
  4. Movie stars and musicians – Marilyn Monroe and Slash may attend.
  5. Undead party – the toilet roll bill could get expensive with the amount of mummification required.
  6. Glitter party – bring a little (or a lot) of sparkle to your event.
  7. Superhero – Batman and Superman will be among your guests.
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean party – ideal when you’re staying on an island paradise.
  9. Pensioner party – a walking stick and grey wig could provide a glimpse into the future…
  10. Your initials – get guests to go as something beginning with your initials e.g. if you’re Maria Smith, feed your ego by getting your friends to dress as something beginning with M or S.
  11. How well do you know me? – another option for those with a vanity complex; get your friends to dress up as your favourite things and find out how well they know you.
  12. Disney – a nice twist on the heroes and villains theme as you could include princesses, thieves and talking lions.
  13. Wig it out – a celebration of wigs everywhere.
  14. Icons – Michelle Obama, Van Gogh and Cleopatra: guests have the freedom to dress up as anyone they like!
  15. Rubik’s Cube party – a classic.


Birthday party cake ideas

  1. Tux cake – bow tie optional.
  2. Ice cream cake – great for cooling down guests on a hot holiday to Greece.
  3. A cupcake mountain – dribble chocolate and toffee then add glitter for an impressive pull-apart cake.
  4. Irish coffee cupcake – make individual cupcakes and coffees for each guest.
  5. Giant donut cake – doh!
  6. Giant scone cake – perfect for those civilised parties in the UK countryside.
  7. Themed cake – simply decorate to match your party theme whether you pick ‘wine not?’, 007 or the Wild West party, you can make a cake to match.
  8. Ultimate chocolate cake – make the biggest, baddest chocolate cake you can.
  9. Boozy margarita lime cake – your ideal poolside birthday cake.
  10. Pimm’s layer cake – ready for Pimm’s o’clock.
  11. The big breakfast – not a cake person? Opt for the breakfast cake instead, or try this pizza cake or sushi cake.
  12. Beer-thday cake – forget the cake altogether.
  13. Tiered cheese cake – not cheesecake, a cheese cake.
  14. Fresh watermelon cake – another option for those who don’t like cake but love lounging on a beach.
  15. Giant pop-out cake – is it even a party if someone doesn’t jump out of a cake?



Hit the town then return for a nightcap at the property and collapse into a sumptuous bed.

Casa Ibiza | Santa Eulalia Del Rio, Ibiza

Party in Ibiza

Sleeps 12

This escape in the world-renowned party central of Ibiza is a great choice for those who enjoy a night out. Visit the beach, head out into town for a DJ set at any one of the famous clubs or stay in and party by one of the two pools.

Villa Lia | Mykonos, Greece

Villa Lia on the island of Mykonos

Sleeps 10

Mykonos is a party island to rival Ibiza and this retreat, overlooking the beach, is the perfect place to return to after a night on the town. Party by the pool under a starry sky or make use of the hammock while you recover from the night before.


Clamber through the treetops, sail across lakes and get active with water sports across Europe.

Lochside Retreat | Loch Lomond, Scotland

Party in Scotland

Sleeps 19

Go kayaking, hiking or test your skills at the TreeZone Aerial Course; there’s tonnes of opportunity for adventure by Loch Lomond with a big group of mates. The property itself has its own cinema room and games room, ideal for entertaining guests in the evening, and a formal dining room seats up to 21 guests for that big birthday celebratory meal.

Villa Alcudia | Alcúdia, Majorca

Have an adventure party in Majorca

Sleeps 12

If you’re planning a 30th birthday party beneath the sunshine, then Majorca offers water sports, walking and hiking opportunities and even the chance to go skydiving. This luxury holiday escape for big groups has a pool, loungers and a terrace where you can chill out after your adventures around the island.


Enjoy an art class followed by an evening of a few beers and watching the sun set over the mountains.

Mountain View | Gaucin, Spain

Mountain View for a big party in Spain

Sleeps 30

Beautiful Gaucin in Spain has inspired artists and writers for centuries and this huge property has a view of mountaintops that will soon inspire you to pick up your paintbrush and oils. There’s a thriving artist community to be found here so invite a big group and you can all go your separate ways while exploring the galleries and art shops in town to discover hidden treasures in these winding streets. Return to share wine and stories while gathered on the terrace.

Rethymno Villa | Crete, Greece

Party in Crete

Sleeps 10

If you want to get involved in getting arty yourself during a creative birthday get-together, book the group into a session at the Visual Arts Centre in Crete. It’s walkable from our magnificent Rethymno Villa and, when you aren’t sculpting, you can lounge by the pool or wander down to the castle, gardens or beach.


Try wine tasting in wine country or choose to have your own private access to the ocean for swimming and sailing.

XVIII Century Manor | Tuscany, Italy

Party at this XVIII Century Manor in Tuscany

Sleeps 33

During a retreat to a region of Italy that’s famous for its wines, it’s essential that you book the party in for a wine-tasting session. This magnificent manor has stylish seating throughout where you can stage your tasting and there is even a hot tub, a swimming pool and tennis courts on-site, perfect for a big stylish celebration or a bespoke wedding.

Brac Stone House | Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Brac Stone House on the Dalmatian Coast

Sleeps 14

The private access down to the turquoise waters of the Dalmatian coast is what will make this experience memorable for you and your special guests. This coastal retreat offers style, luxury and seclusion for a truly elegant 30th birthday party.

These picks provide just a glimpse into our range of large houses for a 30th birthday party venue in Europe, but we have a wealth of luxurious choices throughout our wider selection. Keep perusing our party houses in Europe.

We hope these 30th birthday party ideas have provided a little inspiration for your upcoming celebration, but if you would like more ideas, take a look at our post: the ultimate guide to milestone birthdays.

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