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10 cities around the world "in a split second"

Hannah 22 July 2020

A split second can capture a whole world of life and activity, and nowhere more so than in a bustling city. These multiple exposure images attempt to capture the unique spirit of some of the world's most popular cities from London in the UK to Paris in France. Planning a day trip to one of these multicultural melting pots? Trying to take in an entire city in a short period might seem like an impossible task, so we've got a few suggestions to get you started. You'll be surprised at how much you can see and do in just 24 hours.

1. New York City (USA)

New York

If New York is the Big Apple, then 24 hours would be just one tiny bite. This is a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of city. If you're only in NYC for a day, you have your work cut out for you. This city has everything: monuments, museums, food, fashion and nightlife. Load up on coffee in Greenwich Village and grab a yellow cab uptown to Central Park for a stroll. Take in the hustle and bustle of Times Square, and in the evening catch a Broadway show.

2. Istanbul (Turkey)


Istanbul is the magical meeting place of East and West. With one foot in Europe and the other in Asia, one day in this unique city is an unforgettable experience. Dive into the bustling streets, barter with the bazaar stall owners and try and take in all of all of the sights and sounds of this wonderfully chaotic city. When the sun goes down, the city's thriving nightlife offers plenty to do.

3. Tokyo (Japan)


Tokyo is a hyperactive super-metropolis of neon, cutting-edge skyscrapers and futuristic technology. Navigating it can be a daunting prospect for visitors. The maze of streets offers up every manner of sights and sounds. Only in Tokyo is crossing the road considered a cultural highlight. It's true, though! The Shibuya Crossing is a quintessential Tokyo experience. Once your mind is well and truly blown, head to an ancient shrine or classical garden for some peace and quiet.

4. Moscow (Russia)


Moscow is one of Europe's most vibrant cities – a sprawling metropolis full of artistry, history and culture. The most obvious place to start is Red Square, which is also near the Kremlin and Lenin's tomb. After a day rushing around the Russian capital, take a breather at the Tretyakov Gallery. In the evening, don your fanciest outfit and take in an opera or ballet.

5. Mexico City (Mexico)


Mexico City is known as the sun in the Mexican solar system. It's a buzzing, high-octane place where organized chaos rules, and spending 24 hours here is unlikely to leave you rested or relaxed. The city neighbourhoods are filled with old-school cantinas, museums and dramatic murals. If that all sounds like too much, you could just hit the beach. We'll leave it up to you!

6. Cairo (Egypt)

It's been said that Cairo is the Mother of the World – and who are we to argue? It's been a meeting point of Mediterranean, Arabic and African trade for nearly a thousand years, and you can't escape the illustrious history of this bustling city. One day here will set your nerves a-jangling in the best possible way. Jump back to the time of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, and then forward to the present with a trip to one of the city's modern suburbs.

7. Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a sensory feast. Its iconic skyline and enchanting neighbourhoods will thrill and batter your senses on a day trip. What better way to see a lot in a short span of time than by swaying through the streets on a historic double-decker tram? But there will also be a chance to chill. What makes this city so unique is the surrounding mountains and sprawling country parks, which are home to many geological and historical gems.

8. Sydney (Australia)


Sydney is one of the world's liveliest cities. With its golden sandy beaches and iconic harbour, it's a cosmopolitan, sunsoaked paradise. While it may be best known for its iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge, you can also hit Bondi Beach or take a relaxing coastal walk or scenic ferry ride. After all of that, Sydney offers plenty in the way of nightlife. You can go on an all-night rager, or perhaps enjoy some intimate cocktails if that's more your scene.

9. Delhi (India)


Delhi is a thrilling clash of tradition and modernity – it's the main hub of India and a buzzing international metropolis. Grab a bite at one of the many street food spots and take your pick of things to see and do. Look closely and you'll find tombs, temples and ruins that are centuries old. You could happily spend a lifetime exploring this city, but if you only have 24 hours make sure you experience the magic of Old Delhi.

10. London (England)


A day in London is like being plugged into the mains. Step off the Tube onto the busy streets and get stuck in. There's no shortage of historical and famous landmarks to see here. Make your way over to the Queen's house (that's Buckingham Palace, in case you didn't know). If the flag's up it means she's home, so give her a wave. Keep an eye on the time with a visit to Big Ben, before ending your day with a musical in the West End.

These are some of our most culturally rich cities. They're around-the-clock hubs of activity that never sleep. As these images show, a split second can really capture the soul of these thrilling places. Which one piques your interest?


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