10 Reasons to Book a Villa Holiday 2017

Posted by Sarah Christopher on 03rd May 2017


There are so many benefits to booking a villa holiday versus hotel for your getaway, especially when travelling with the family or in a large group. Aside from it being more cost-effective there are a great many perks to visiting a property you can effectively treat as “home” whilst away…

Here are our top 10 reasons to book a villa holiday for 2017:

1. Home from Home

As opposed to a room in a hotel where you might simply lay your head, a villa holiday provides the opportunity to feel like you're enjoying a well-deserved break within the freedom of a home that's yours, but with the added luxury of a few amenities and details you might not have within your own household. Flexibility and freedom are two such reasons a villa holiday is enduringly popular for holiday makers worldwide – it's such a relaxing way to enjoy your getaway.

St James Villas

2. Privacy

Privacy is a big benefit. They'll be no need to hustle for a good space by the pool and you can please yourself when it comes to siestas, snacks, or if travelling with young children, naptimes and their feeding schedule.

When travelling in a group, a break in a large villa also offers the space to find yourself a quiet and secluded area should you wish to spend some time alone and you've the freedom to stay behind and relax should others wish to head out on an excursion or for a meal if you're perhaps craving an early night.

Sea View Villa

3. Space

A villa offers the space to expand and relax – socially they'll be plenty of room to catch up en masse yet they'll also be enough quiet nooks for those craving a little privacy. When staying in a villa there's never going to be that feeling of being “closed in” – an entire house will be accessible to you, offering the freedom to expand into it as a group. Whether you're preparing food together or sipping cocktails by the pool it'll feel incredibly spacious, relaxing and private.

4. It's Social

Whilst you've plenty of room to lose yourself in your own company, a villa holiday also allows you the opportunity to be extremely social; it's the perfect way to spend time with your extended family or with a group of treasured friends. Imagine yourselves sat together for an al fresco meal catching up on each-others news, or lounging by the pool sharing stories – you could even take in a movie, as some of our luxury villas boast cinema rooms too!

Villa Kalkan

5. Cost Effective

There is no other kind of holiday that's going to give you quite as much bang-for-your-buck as choosing a villa for your break. Offering the most space per pound spent – especially if you're travelling as part of a group of friends or family members - you can then budget in the added extras appearing on your ‘most-wanted' list of luxurious features such as pool, spa facilities, chef and cinema room.

6. Curated

A villa break can be entirely tailored to the needs of your group, whether it spans generations or diverse tastes need to be catered for. Prioritise the needs of everyone and book amenities bespoke to your group – from in-house catering for special events, dietary needs or simply because it's your holiday and you'd like someone else to cook – to babysitting services, concierge or more. A villa break ensures a truly unique experience for all.

Villa Mahon

7. Family Friendly

Booking a villa holiday is great for the whole family and especially so if you've children joining the party. The perfect source of entertainment for all, it's a real treat for kids to have a private pool they can make use of irrespective of whether they're toddlers or teens, and with so many social areas and adults on hand to pitch in with looking after children, it's a truly relaxing break for parents too. Most villas appreciate the needs of a family and come equipped with added safety features, toys and other entertainments that are sure to appeal.

8. Enduring Memories

Whilst it's a given you'll be making beautiful memories however you decide to holiday, a villa break offers something truly unique. There's so much scope to enjoy the moments you might not have the time to indulge in at home with your busy family, or friends you might not see for months on end. Normally mundane tasks such as cooking a meal or the typical routine of watching TV of an evening suddenly becomes a more communal and cherished experience.

Villa Hideaway

9. Individuality

Look beyond the incredible facilities and there's so much more to the villa experience in its entirety. Most villas have been superbly designed by the finest architects and interior stylists, so you're not only staying within well-equipped surroundings, but beautiful ones too. Add to that the style, taste and personality of the owners and you'll find yourselves soaking up a wonderful atmosphere whilst enjoying new experiences.

10. Freedom & Exploration

With no scheduled activities, you've the freedom to explore the local area at your own pace and really immerse yourselves in the culture and heritage of your holiday destination. By far the most authentic way to discover the history and take in the atmosphere of a location previously unknown to you, it makes for a wonderful holiday brimming with happy memories.

With the trend for group holidays on the rise and with more booking luxury villa holidays in Spain, France and the rest of the world, have you experienced a group-getaway recently and do you have any benefits to add to our list of top ten reasons to book a villa holiday?

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